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NEW YORK – November 27, 2023 – Bonner Rhae sat down to write a new song, without ever having any intention of creating a holiday tune—but sometimes these things just happen. After she started playing a flirty little melody, the words “the stockings are hung by the fireside” floated out so seamlessly that she decided to see where it led, finishing “Just Because it’s Christmas” in one sitting.

“I have so much love and gratitude for this time of year, and for the magic of time spent with loved ones, the slow moments sprinkled throughout the hustle and bustle and the spirit of giving,” she says. “This song is well-loved already, and I hope it sparks happy memories and the joy of the season within its listeners.”

Rhae released her debut album, Forward Address, in April. It’s full of her take on unpretentious country music, with well-honed storytelling and razor-sharp character-building. She’ll continue her evolution as an artist next year, with a new set of songs she’ll begin rolling out in the spring. These songs are a distilled look at who she wants to be as an artist: the same dedication to relatable stories, while moving into a sonic territory that respects her Texas roots and steps forward towards a sound she says is inspired by her desire to find wild and fresh excitement in her life and music—think pop-laden melodies and layers of texture.

“In the end, Rhae’s decision to chase her dreams proves to be the right one…her unrelenting talent wins out.”

– The Boot

Rhae grew up in Alvin, Texas, a half-hour outside of Houston. After teaching herself to play the guitar, she learned the power of putting feelings to words and words to music, both natural steps that quickly followed. Forward Address was released in April, with songs about young love and subsequent heartbreak, moving on and letting go, chasing small-town dreams, and what happens when you take a different path. Rhae herself is learning that choosing to follow your heart toward the definition of your dreams holds its own kind of power, which she’ll jump into in the new year with a new set of songs and a fresh perspective. Stay tuned.

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