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Effortlessly catchy with dreamy nostalgia, Izzy S.O returns to reveal new single ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’

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Empowering and healing, ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ navigates rebuilding after a break up. Restoring and rebuilding can feel like an uphill struggle, but Izzy S.O’s new single is here to ensure you don’t have to go it alone.

Sharing more, Izzy explained: The new single is about piecing your life together after a big change, it’s about the fear that rises up when you finally have to sit with yourself. It’s reminding yourself that you aren’t just a sum up of the people in your life and that you can just walk around on a Sunday, buy a nice book under the  tunnel on Southbank and drink coffee in a coffee shop on your own. You can create your own safety.

Without You I Don’t Like Sundays arrives hot on the heels of ‘Silly Me’ which arrived last month. Infectious and buzzy, the tune showcased bold guitar riffs and cathartic songwriting, scooping praise from the likes of Fizzy Mag, Ones To Watch and Clash who compared the track to  ‘prime Garbage singles, or even Alanis Morrisette.’

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O was raised on a diet of musical expression and creativity. Originally turning to poetry as her creative outlet, she began processing her emotions and experiences into a more digestible art form. This later transcended into songwriting, which during the pandemic, evolved further as she began working with producer Dustin Dooley. It was then Izzy cemented her sound which today toes a line between alt-pop pop-rock and indie. Pulling inspiration from female greats such as Alanis Morisette, Mazzy Star and Avril Lavinge, Izzy’s authentic expression and rich emotive songwriting is the perfect soundtrack to heal too.

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