Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu: Take Your Sub Game to a Whole New Level

There was a Jersey Mike’s location in my town for several years before I stumbled in for lunch one day last year. Now I’ll drive out of my way to grab one of their delicious subs with freshly sliced meats and VERY fresh veggies. I was grabbing a sandwich a couple weeks ago and the guy in front of my ordered a “sweet pepper wrap” for his wife from their secret menu and it got me very intrigued as to what else might be on their “not-so-secret” secret menu. So after a bunch of digging, and talking to a couple employees, I have the start of a cool little resource for Jersey Mike’s fans that I hope will grow with your input. Here’s what I know so far about the Jersey Mike’s secret menu.

FYI, some of these subs are on Jersey Mike’s online menu but NOT the in-store menu as they don’t have room for them on the wall or menu.

So that means that most employees are trained how to make them, but for whatever reason (popularity probably) they don’t get ordered much, but they DEFINITELY should.

The Meateor

Love the name of this bad boy and it seems like a fun thing to order.

Specifically, the Meateor sub includes ALL the meats that Jersey Mike’s slices, plus cheese and all the veggies you want.

These meats include bacon, prosciuttini, ham, salami, pepperoni, roast beef, turkey, and capicola.

Has anyone ordered this? I’m wondering what it would cost as Jersey Mike’s is probably gonna charge you for all the add-ons.

Surf ‘n Turf

Not sure about this one, but apparently it’s quite popular.

To get the Surf ‘n Turf, ask for a sub with both tuna and roast beef.

Some eaters also say to get Swiss cheese on it for a perfect “land and sea” mash-up.

I think I’ll need to try this one before I comment any further.

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The Martian

Not sure if this is Matt Damon’s favorite sub, but it should be as the “Martian” has grown quite popular on the Jersey Mike’s secret menu.

Named the Martian because of all of the red ingredients, it comes with pepperoni and ham as the meats, then top with your favorite cheese and veggies and you’re good to go.

You got to have tomatoes on it too if you really want it to be a sub in honor of the red planet.


Wait, what? Jersey Mike’s does not have a BLT on the regular menu? That’s nuts.

Order the BLT and you’ll get the classic sub with bacon, lettuce, and tomato, then add mayo.

Don’t let them be stingy on the bacon or you’ll end up with a sandwich that only weights a couple ounces.

Trust me on this one as my daughter ordered a BLT and there wasn’t nearly enough bacon on it to justify the price.

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Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo

I ordered this bad but the other day and I’m still savoring every bite in my mind. It’s a GREAT sub.

I simply asked them to include everything that’s on the Chipotle Cheese Steak along with everything on the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak.

The finished sub was nothing short of amazing, trust me on this one, especially if you like cheesesteaks.

Lumberjack Salad

I love a good salad, so I decided to try the Lumberjack when I visited Jersey Mike’s last week and it was AMAZING.

To make it happen I started by ordering the Club Supreme in a tub whiteout the bread and EXTRA shredded lettuce.

Then have them substitute prosciuttini for the turkey and drizzle on some spicy mustard.

So basically it’s a meat salad with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, roast beef, prosciuttini, Applewood bacon, and topped with spicy mustard or chipotle mayo (your choice).

The Chick-Fila-Roni

This one sounds incredible.

If your sandwich maker doesn’t know this one, ask for the Philly Cheesesteak Sub, but substitute chicken for beef.

Then to get the “Roni”, ask for grilled pepperoni on top and whatever veggies and cheese you want.

Then to take it to the next level, top it with some marinara or chipotle mayo.

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Sweet Pepper Wrap

This wrap is an excellent choice for vegetarians.

To make it happen start with a tomato basil tortilla wrap, then add grilled sweet bell peppers, white onion, lettuce, then banana peppers.

But don’t let the goodness stop there, ask them to top it with cherry pepper relish, chipotle mayo, and then melted white American cheese.

Sounds pretty darn good.

R&R Special

If you’re like me, and you LOVE a good Reuben, the R&R is right up your alley.

For those with their head in the sand, a normal Reuben is pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.

Order the R&R and they’ll swap the pastrami with corned beef, and the sauerkraut with coleslaw.

They’ll still top this bad boy with Swiss cheese and Russian dressing and heat it up on the grill. Enjoy.

California Chicken Cheesesteak

As you might have guessed, this is a chicken cheesesteak served hot with tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo (get the Chipotle mayo for an extra kick).

They call it “California” because it doesn’t come with the grilled onions and peppers, but feel free to add them, and you definitely SHOULD add them.

Sub In a Tub

If you’re going low carb, high protein, the “Sub In a Tub” is a solid choice.

It’s basically a salad sandwich that they put in a plastic container with everything but the bread.

You’re free to add ANY veggies, meat, or cheese that you want to make it yours.

Pepperoni Pizza Sub

To get this yummy creation just ask for a #3 but substitute the ham for pepperoni.

Also, ask for marinara sauce and have it thrown on the grill for a gooey, yummy pizza sub.

A shortcut is to ask for a “#3 with marinara sauce on the bottom bread, and pepperoni instead of ham.”

Try it on the Rosemary Parmesan bread for an Italian treat.

Cancro Special

Named after the founder, Mike Cancro, this sub is simply roast beef and pepperoni with whatever toppings you want.

Sounds like a strange mashup, but it’s developed a bit of a cult following over the years and people swear by it’s deliciousness.

BBQ Beef Sub

In honor of my favorite TV show, The Bear, I had to add the beef sandwich, even if it isn’t the classic Italian beef sandwich.

Your mileage may vary on this one as the Jersey Mike’s location has to have BBQ sauce on hand to make it correctly.

It consists of roast beef thrown on the grill and cooked with BBQ sauce, then top it off with your favorite cheese and toppings.

Ask the Reader: I’m really hungry now, so help me out. What secret menu items at Jersey Mike’s am I missing? Let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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