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September 15, 2023- Singer-songwriter Laur Elle is thrilled to announce her new album Delayed Reaction to be released on October 13th. As a preview she has released the new single “Lost Cause” that is out now.

“Lost Cause”, the fifth and final single preceding Laur Elle’s upcoming debut album, is a high-energy blend of folk, rock, and pop. The song is a ‘dance like no one’s watching’ jam about crushing on someone so hard, you feel like you’re losing your mind. With clever lyrics and a guitar hook that will be stuck in your head for days, “Lost Cause” is the perfect track to set the stage for ‘Delayed Reaction,’ dropping October 13.

If she’s not on your playlists already, be prepared to be obsessed with Laur Elle — as a singer-songwriter who has always been enamored by the power of words, the LA-based pop artist is a true, multi-talented self-starter through and through. After time as an internationally competitive gymnast for the Canadian national team, Laur Elle immersed herself in the creative community and has quickly proven that while poetry was her artistic starting point, music is truly her calling.

Laur Elle’s music starts with her pen and her guitar. Her airy vocals, grounded lyrics, and lush sound create the perfect vehicle for escapism — a sound she calls perfect for running (or, more appropriately, driving) away from problems.

As a young pop artist, Laur Elle uses her music to process her own emotions. Writing is her escape, and she’s ready to offer the same kind of solace for her listeners. Following a tour with indie rock artist Bilmuri and headlining gigs at festivals and venues such as the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles, Laur Elle looks forward to sharing her music with even more listeners at venues and festivals on her ‘Delayed Reaction’ tour in early 2024.LAUR ELLE Announces Debut Album Delayed Reaction To Be Released | allo-guitare

“Lost Cause” is streaming everwhere at

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