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October 13, 2023- Singer-songwriter Laur Elle is thrilled to release her debut album Delayed Reaction that is out now.

Laur says, “The album Delayed Reaction is an emotional road trip that mirrors my real-life experience packing up and moving from Canada to LA after a breakup. Each song is a metaphorical stop along the way. Many memories were made, mistakes were inevitable, and long hours in the car spent reflecting led to some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. The record starts at the end with a “what the heck did I just do to my life” moment. It then takes you back to the start where everything began. Each song is a memory and an integral part of the journey. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now in a brand new city, releasing my debut album.”

Recorded in Edmonton, Alberta with longtime producer Father Bobby Townsend, there’s an intimate and friendly feel to Delayed Reaction that was born of the atmosphere where it was recorded: a living room strewn with instruments.

If she’s not on your playlists already, be prepared to be obsessed with Laur Elle — as a singer-songwriter who has always been enamored by the power of words, the indie pop artist is a true, multi-talented self-starter through and through. After time as an internationally competitive gymnast representing her country abroad, and now splitting time between her hometown in Canada and Los Angeles, CA, Laur Elle immersed herself in the creative community and has quickly proven that while poetry was her artistic starting point, music is truly her calling.

Laur Elle’s music starts with her pen and her guitar. Her airy vocals, grounded lyrics, and lush sound create the perfect vehicle for escapism — a sound she calls perfect for running (or, more appropriately, driving) away from problems.

This is just the beginning for Laur Elle, always aiming to offer solace to listeners with her not-so-secret weapon — her pen. With a deluxe version of her debut album and her first headlining tour slated for early 2024, she’s ready to keep taking on the world.

Delayed Reaction is streaming everywhere at


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