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Image by Luke Rogers


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NASHVILLE, TENN. – Adding to a burgeoning catalog that Whiskey Riff calls “unique, original, and country as hell,” Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters firebrand Lauren Watkins returns today with two more tunes – “Cowboys on Music Row” with country compatriot Carter Faith and “Stuck In My Ways” – out now.

Lauren Watkins | Image by Luke Rogers

“Stuck In My Ways” celebrates the comfort in the mundane, a routine-riddled toe-tapper about being stubborn and happy, “stuck” in habits that fit like a glove. “Cowboys on Music Row” is a mournful duet, perfectly balanced by Watkins’ Tennessee limestone gravel and Faith’s light-as-a-feather soprano. Wishing for days of old when outlaws had bona fides and country music was just three chords and the truth, they sing:

I’m needin’ a red headed stranger

I miss the real rodeo man

A slow talking, walking lone ranger

Who means it – when he gives a damn

They sang what they knew

And they knew what they sang

I wish I could find one

To whisk me away

Where oh, where oh, where did they go

There ain’t no cowboys on music row

Both songs join past releases “The Table” and “Fine County Line,” all of which appear on Watkins’ forthcoming six-song sampler, Introducing: The Heartbreak, out Nov. 17.


Introducing: The Heartbreak Tracklist

  1. Fine County Line (Lauren Watkins, Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  2. Jealous of Jane (Lauren Watkins, Caroline Watkins, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  3. Fly On The Wall (Lauren Watkins, Andy Sheridan, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)*
  4. Stuck In My Ways (Lauren Watkins, Will Bundy, David Garcia, Emily Landis)
  5. Cowboys on Music Row (Lauren Watkins, Jessie Jo Dillon, Carter Faith, Lauren Hungate, Ashley Monroe, Caroline Watkins)**
  6. The Table (Lauren Watkins, Nicolle Galyon, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

All songs produced by Joey Moi

* with Jake Worthington

** with Carter Faith

Proving her status as a “country superstar in the making” (Holler) with live chops to boot, Watkins’ buzzy Nashville residency the Heartbreak Supper Club reached an all-time high earlier this week with a Halloween barn burner for the books. The up-and-comer literally blew the speakers out at Springwater Supper Club, improvising on the fly and hopping up on a table clad in a Cher costume to finish the set acoustic, leading the crowd in a deafening sing along and delivering an unforgettable good time. Stay tuned for a new, larger venue for Supper Club’s final Nashville show on Nov. 14, and catch Watkins on tour nationwide opening dates for both Austin Snell and Conner Smith.



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