Leçon de guitare acoustique de Mandy Rowden : Blues Turnaround |  Cordes ELIXIR


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On behalf of Elixir Strings, Mandy Rowden talks blues turnarounds.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of 12 bar blues, adding in turnarounds at the end of a chord progression to return to the start is a great next step. Turnarounds are a distinctive element of both electric and acoustic blues and can be used in all sorts of settings. Elixir strings artist Mandy Rowden shows you how to get started with turnarounds in this short and easy-to-follow video lesson. As you’ll see, it’s easy to take what Mandy demonstrates here and transpose it to whatever key you’re playing in!

Explaining why she’s such a fan of Elixir Strings on both her electric and acoustic guitars, Mandy says, “Elixir strings give me the polished sound I love and a level, smooth playability I don’t get anywhere else. Plus the long shelf life allows for an ease of maintenance that I’ve come to depend on.”

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