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New York, NY (October 19, 2023) — Today, singer-songwriter and visual artist Mon Laferte has shared her latest single + video, NO+SAD,” off her upcoming new album, Autopoiética, out November 10. A dark, experimental, reggaeton track, “No+Sad” exorcises the demons of prejudice. Watch + share via YouTube.

With “NO+SAD”, Mon Laferte uses sarcastic and ironic lyrics to approach the universe of “Tenochtitlán,” exploring concepts such as self-worth, social judgment and reinvention. “Despite what they may tell you on social media or in social life, the message is not to let it affect you, but to try to get on with your life,” explains Mon about the song that includes a sample of Los Ángeles Negros and a section in which she twists the structure of 4/4 reggaeton, to 15/8.

The irony and black humor impregnated in “NO+SAD” are tools that allow Mon to create. “Investigate from other points, removing solemnity from certain topics. In general, I laugh a lot at myself in all the art I make, in music, in painting too,” says the artist.

1697805041 818 Mon Laferte Shares New Single NOSAD AUTOPOIETICA Out November | allo-guitare“NO+SAD” is presented along with a wild and powerful video from Chilean director Camila Grandi, filmed in the town of Tepito. “The video talks about Mon’s overexposure to such a level that we make it a metaphor of her objectification as if she were a piece of food,” says the director. “Las Gardenias” make a stellar appearance, the group that has been active for 50 years as a transvestite and transsexual soccer team, because existing and resisting is a political act, not only in Tepito, but around the entire continent, around the entire planet.

“NO+SAD” quickly follows Mon’s single, “40 y MM,” an anthem of self-love that, at the same time, explores different musical elements, becoming a map of Mon’s inspirations. There’s trip-hop, salsa, and even an Aphex Twin-inspired piano line. “He has an EP that I think is beautiful and from there I took a small moment. Hip-Hop, trip-hop and salsa are also big inspirations for me. I wanted to mix the worlds that excite me in a single song,” Mon adds about the song that is accompanied by a visualizer, also directed by Camila Grandi.

Autopoiética, the follow-up to GRAMMY-nominated 1940 Carmen, is Mon Laferte’s eighth album, and one that the artist herself defines as much more reflective than her previous works. Throughout Mon dares herself to be immersed in different sounds, and in which she used new tools. Even returning to a more alternative essence of her early years, when she edited her own albums independently, providing a musical stage in which you feel greater security and also liberation. “I loved this new creative work. I wanted to try things different from previous albums. I’m very excited, I feel like it’s my best album so far,” Mon concludes.

1697805043 354 Mon Laferte Shares New Single NOSAD AUTOPOIETICA Out November | allo-guitare

Inside Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte also lives the singer-songwriter and visual artist Mon Laferte. A creator who, in her music, moves naturally in a wide variety of genres. From various musical influences that she cultivated since she was a teenager in her native Viña del Mar, Chilé to what Mexico, her second home taught her and allowed her to record her first albums independently, since she arrived at only 23 years of age.

The Chilean singer-songwriter Mon Laferte has a voice for every passion. He is capable of addressing the personal and the political, lulling a romantic ballad or leading a hard rock attack,” the renowned music critic Jon Pareles defined it in The New York Times.

Mon Laferte has released seven albums to date: Desechable (2011), Tornasol (2013), Mon Laferte Vol. 1 (2015), La Trenza (2017), Norma (2018), Seis (2021) and 1940 Carmen (2021). These collected works have been the result of experimentation, overcoming the fear of trial and error. With them Mon has been able to perform on large stages such as Coachella, Vive Latino, Viña del Mar, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center, Movistar Arena Chile, Movistar Arena Argentina and the National Auditorium in Mexico City. She has earned four Latin GRAMMYs and two GRAMMY nominations, selling millions of albums and singles. Mon Laferte has already established herself as one of the most important singer-songwriters in Latin America and the world.

Mon Laferte Shares New Single NOSAD AUTOPOIETICA Out November | allo-guitare

Autopoiética Track List:

01. Tenochtitlan

02. Tu Juro Que Volveré

03. Préndele Fuego

04. NO+SAD

05. Metamorfosis

06. Autopoiética

07. Block 16

08. Levitico XX-IX

09. 40 y MM

10. Pornocracia

11. Los Amantes Suicidas

12. Articulo 123

13. Mew Shiny

14. Casta Diva


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