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Montreal singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist LORYANN is proud to release her debut single, Surgical, a pop/dance anthem which premiered via Canadian Beats this morning. Stream Surgical now and watch the lyric video here.

This brand-new single from LORYANN conveys a sense of deep infatuation and intense attraction towards an individual. The singer touches on the uniqueness of the person being admired, using the word “surgical” to imply that the subject has been precisely crafted for the singer and the singer only. The song was produced by LORYANN herself and her collaborator, producer Jean-Pierre Limoges; a notable figure in the Quebec music scene.

“‘Surgical’ is all about the power of attraction. It’s about a connection so deep, so precise with someone, that you start to believe they were custom-made for you,” explained LORYANN. “It’s the perfect pop song to blast in your car, and I am just thrilled to share my art with the world.”

Available in both English and a captivating bilingual version that blends English and French, Surgical is perfect for individuals of all ages who enjoy dancing to a lively track. The song’s rhythm creates a dynamic ambiance that reflects the intensity of the emotions being portrayed. As for the song’s lyrics, they capture a passionate and almost addictive sense of awe with someone, conveyed through a blend of vibrant imagery and an undoubtedly catchy hook.

LORYANN, born Lorie-Anne Tardif, is an accomplished pop artist hailing from Montreal, Canada. Her musical journey was ignited at a young age, and while LORYANN loved music deeply, she harbored a certain aversion for rigid music theory. Her creativity thrived through independent exploration, learning by herself and practicing whenever motivation emerged. Her ability to recreate songs and write her own pieces was apparent even in her formative years. This talent evolved into full-fledged songwriting, where she would skillfully accompany herself with various instruments.

After high school, she enrolled at Lionel-Groulx College (CEGEP), where her proficiency earned her an excellence-based scholarship. Subsequently, she attained a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Montreal. It was at this juncture that she realized the imperative of embracing her artistic calling.

Determined, LORYANN embarked on a self-guided journey, learning through Youtube to master the intricacies of music production, recording and mixing. Serendipity led her to producer Jean-Pierre Limoges, with whom she established a dynamic creative partnership.

Jean-Pierre Limoges is a notable figure in the Quebec music scene. With over four decades of industry experience, he has written and produced music for numerous films (One Way OutThe Dance Goes On), television programs (TVA SportsThe BachelorMatter Of Investigation) and advertising campaigns (VolkswagenKraftHyundai). He also collaborated with esteemed Quebecois artists such as Marjo, Gerry Boulet, Dan Bigras and Claude Léveillée. His own album earned him a nomination at the prestigious ADISQ Award Gala.

LORYANN’s artistic prowess is indisputable, encompassing roles as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and captivating performer. Her magnetic stage presence is enriched by her charisma, making her a truly unique and captivating artist in her own regard. Full biography HERE.


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