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Drew Haley is releasing new EP and music video Don’t Mess With Mama tomorrow, but you can listen and watch a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine. You can watch the video here, and listen to the EP here.

We also got the chance to ask Drew some questions about the EP, music video, her favorite career moments, and more.

You can pre-save the EP here.

Country/Americana songwriter Drew Haley is fueled by deep love: love for the art of storytelling, love for the classic rock and blues music she grew up on, and love for her three children. Her voice exudes a subtle yet soulful power, inspired by the tight country harmonies of the Judds and the Dixie Chicks as well as the effortless cool of alt-rockers Jewel, Norah Jones, and Sheryl Crow. 

“Don’t Mess With Mama” is fueled by Haley’s years of songwriting in Music City as well as her personal progression into the next phase of her life. “I wrote some of the tracks after an ugly divorce, and some while falling in love with my current husband,” she says. Recorded at RCA Studios, distributed by Heart Songs Music Group, and produced by David Spencer, Don’t Mess with Mama showcases Haley’s knack for narrative songwriting with a country twist, in the vein of acts like Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town.

Drew Haley has landed cuts on five Nashville artists’ albums and appeared in several episodes of hit TV series Nashville. Her bright, alt-pop track “It’s Gonna be a Good Day” was nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. In 2019, she joined all-female-fronted act The Highway Women, and was featured on track “Dead Man Walking,” which premiered exclusively on Taste of Country. Her solo single and music video “Wildflower” debuted on Apple Music’s Best New Country Songs with Heart Songs Music Group, followed by single “Fool to Remember,” which debuted on Apple Music’s Best New Country Songs, as well as CMT. Haley released her EP Wildflower in October 2020, showcasing her storytelling skills and effortless vocals in five lush, country-pop ballads. Next, she dropped singles “High in Denver” in July 2021 and “A Good Woman” in November 2021 (along with a music video in December), supported by CMT, the Academy of Country Music, Holler, and more. In September 2022, she released breezy new folk-pop single “Hallway” on all streaming platforms, followed by heartfelt videos for singles “Grandma’s Prayers,” and “You’re It,” which have amassed hundreds of thousands of views. Drew has also been featured in Forbes for her charity work benefitting other female musicians and songwriters.

We love the music video! Any fun behind the scenes from the shoot?

This was the most fun I have had on a music video shoot.  First of all my videographer Annelise Lounghead was a pleasure to work with, what a professional! I got to shoot this video with some of my closest friends and their babies and furbabies. We had such a blast filming on my friends farm, played with chickens, played in the pool with the babies and chickens. It was a fun empowering experience for all of us Mamas. I honestly wish every music video could be like this one because it reflects my real life!  Hanging out with my friends, their children, running around being mamas.  It was a special experience and great to include my friends in the music video.  It was very organic and authentic.

What are the main themes you want to listeners to take away from the EP?

Well, right off the bat, Don’t Mess With Mamas! This album reflects my personal journey to find true love, happiness and joy in my life. My life revolves first and foremost around my family, children and that is what I write about in my songwriting.

What moments are you most proud of in your life/your career?

I am the most proud of myself for continuing to pursue my personal passion of writing and performing my songs. Life is busy, Life can throw you curveballs, being a Mom is a priority and you have to put your family before all else. So the fact that I still make time to pursue my music career is a true highlight of my personal identity. And I do not compromise my obligations and dedication to my family. I am so blessed.

We love the title, why did you choose this as the title of the EP?

There is nothing more powerful than a Mother who leads her pack. When you find your “Momfia” (Mom Tribe), together there is nothing we cannot accomplish and celebrate.  I hope every Mama that hears this song and listens to the album finds their anthem in “Don’t Mess With Mama”. There is a song on this EP that will resonate with all Mothers whether you are going through a breakup, meeting the love of your life, celebrating our own mothers and grandmothers, having fun with our kids… this album is a true celebration of all mothers.

We are so impressed by the production of the album! What was it like working on this behind the scenes?

This EP was two years in the making. I worked with the insanely talented producer, David Spencer, (who also produced my last EP Wildflower). One of my favorite parts of the entire process of creating my music is when it comes to life in the studio. It is truly a high that I cannot describe any other way. It is like watching your child grow up and graduate.  It truly is a maternal experience for me.

Grandma’s Prayers is very beautiful and sentimental. How did you start the story behind that song?

This song was born from a very personal moment in my life. I was deep in prayer, a bitter prayer with God because I was seeking an answer to why I should not leave the music behind in my life. I was frustrated and feeling a sense of defeat. It was during that prayer that God flashed back a memory of my Great Grandmother sitting on her couch with her hands clasped in prayer, while I was singing “Amazing Grace” for her. In that moment, I realized that my Great Grandmother was praying for me to continue using my gifts. When I wrote the song, the influence was how impactful the power of prayer has changed the course of my life.

What is next for Drew Haley?

I have a vast catalog of songs that I have written. I think for now, I am going to enjoy the release of this album and celebrate the gifts of being able to share this with everyone.  It is my hope that this ep inspires, offers hope and joy to anyone who might feel like living their life in the status quo is all they have.  We are so much more than Mothers, we are everything to our family and my music celebrates all of life.


Starting the video off, Drew is standing in a field with a cut-off shirt that says “Tough as a mother.” It switches to scenes of her sitting on a swing with a glittery wine tumbler in hand to scenes of a fun pool day with fellow moms and their little ones. They show a cute parallel as Drew reaches for wine and her son reaches for his bottle, both taking a sip. Drew shows no mercy as she sings out the chorus “The hand that rocks the cradle / is pointing right at you / consider this a warning / I know just what you’re up to.” She is showing that just because she’s a mom that doesn’t mean she can’t lay down the law when needed. Drew Haley is the embodiment of a ‘fierce mama.’ The video ends with Drew looking right at the camera to give her final warning, “Try me if you wanna / but don’t mess with mama.”

You will love seeing this new side of Drew. She’s fun, she’s sentimental, but she doesn’t mess around when it comes to her loved ones. The song is an instant confidence boost, as you sing the affirmations with Drew, you instantly feel stronger and ready for whatever obstacle may come your way.

Keep up with Drew Haley here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / SPOTIFY / FACEBOOK

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