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Phebe Starr has released her brand new single “One Step. Two Step.” out now everywhere via AntiFragile Music. Phebe has captivated audiences around the world with her magnetic live performances. From headlining iconic venues in New York and Los Angeles, to gracing the stages of prestigious music festivals like SXSW and the CMJ Music Marathon, Phebe’s electrifying presence leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes. Sharing the spotlight with esteemed international musicians such as Of Monsters and Men, Jagwar Ma, The Rubens, Paperkites, Cub Sport, and Ashe, Starr effortlessly holds her own among the industry’s elite. Her talent has garnered attention from publications including Rolling Stone, Stereogum, Interview Mag, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour, solidifying her status as an artist of global significance.

PHEBE STARR Releases Indie Pop Single ‘One Step Two Step | allo-guitare

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Phebe Starr has blossomed into one of Australia’s defining indie-pop songwriters; someone who validates and comforts her fans through detailed and personal lyricism best shown across the 3 EPs and debut album that comprise her discography thus far. Over the last decade, Phebe Starr has shown this rich contrast within every fibre of her art. Her work often flourishes with a sense of tenderness and vulnerability, drawing you into her experiences and the roller-coastering ups and downs that naturally dictate one’s lifetime. Phebe’s productions swell with nuances spread across electronica, indie and pop music, to the point where they typically become so joyful and bright that they disguise the darker meanings looming underneath. Fresh off supporting pop queen Ashe on her Australian-wide tour, Phebe Starr is on the brink of a new musical chapter.

The modern world has developed an excessive fixation on automation, bombarding us with the ideals of efficiency and perfection. In this pursuit of short-term success, we risk sacrificing the essential elements of depth, individuality, and human connection. Over the past few years, our culture has encouraged us to navigate life purely through intellectual processes, as if these systems could replace our humanity and provide certainty. “One Step. Two Step.” conveys a complex emotional journey within a relationship and the push-pull dynamic between two individuals far beyond surface-level emotions or logic. We brave this emotional rollercoaster for the payoff of human connection and interaction, and through these relationships, we connect with ourself and others.

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