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Listen to two captivating singles from Lacy J. Dalton’s reissue of her first album, The Jill Croston Album, in collaboration with StarVista Music. As we unveil “Jamaica” and “Isabella,” listeners are invited to explore the rich tapestry of Dalton’s musical journey. From her roots in a country music family to her evolution as an artist influenced by the likes of Janice Joplin and Bob Dylan, Dalton’s career is a testament to her versatility and enduring appeal. Her transformation from Jill Croston to the outlaw artist Lacy J. Dalton with Columbia Records marked a pivotal moment in her career, leading her to blend various genres into her music. These singles, each with a unique backstory – “Jamaica,” a hopeful anthem for tourism, and “Isabelle,” a poignant tale of youthful naivety – showcase Dalton’s storytelling prowess and her ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Join us in celebrating the reissue of this seminal album, a reflection of Dalton’s artistic journey and a nod to her ongoing legacy in the music world.

Dalton tells us, “I grew up in a country music family — my father played all the stringed instruments, my mother played guitar, and my sister played piano. When I started playing and writing my own songs, I “strayed from the flock” and started listening to Janice Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Starship, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez and the like. It was really the outlaws who brought me back to country music — Waylon and Willie and the boys. That’s the country music I like.

So when I was signed as an outlaw artist with Columbia Records, they had me change my name from Jill Croston to something more “outlaw,” and Lacy J Dalton was born. Now, as an independent artist, I find myself blending all kinds of genres into the music I write. My latest project, called “For The Black Sheep,” is very important to me because there are still things I want to say and things I need to remind myself and my listeners about.”

Listen to “Jamaica”

My friend Willard and I wrote this song. We were hoping it would be picked up by the tourism authority in Jamaica and used to promote tourism to the island.

~ Lacy J. Dalton


Listen to “Isabella”

I really love this song. Back when it was written, a lot of young people used to go to Mexico for vacation and did not realize the severe penalties for having drugs such as marijuana. This is the story of one such woman.

~ Lacy J. Dalton


The Jill Croston Album tracklist:

Good Time Mama
Burnin’ Love
Higher And Higher
Black Jack Davey
Evenin’ Comes
Threw It All Away
Snake Song
Do I Have To Tell You

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