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Singer/songwriter Julia Poorman unveiled her latest single, “How Ya Gonna Tell Her,” to audiences worldwide on all major music platforms. This soul-stirring song is a collaborative masterpiece, with Julia Poorman penning the heartfelt lyrics, and the talented musician Danny Roselle crafting the music. The single’s production took place under the expert guidance of Danny Roselle, at the prestigious Rosedome Studios nestled in Summit, New Jersey.

To ensure the song’s sonic perfection, it underwent meticulous post-production, beginning with a superb mix by Jonny Blaze and Danny Roselle. The final touch of audio excellence was bestowed upon “How Ya Gonna Tell Her” by the accomplished Michael Fossenkemper, who mastered the track at the renowned Turtletone Studios in the heart of New York City.

“How Ya Gonna Tell Her” is a vibrant fusion of country, folk, pop, and rock. This track narrates an enigmatic woman’s ability to reinvent herself, blending introspection with a catchy chorus. Empowering and optimistic, it’s a tale of self-reflection set to unforgettable melodies.

Julia Poorman’s latest single has truly been sculpted by a team of exceptional talents, resulting in a musical creation that resonates with emotion and artistry. Be sure to give “How Ya Gonna Tell Her” a listen on your preferred music platform and experience the magic for yourself.

The video for “How Ya Gonna Tell Her” was directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker/videographer Steven Nathan of Art in the Chaos Productions.

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Cover Art: Michael Briody

Asbury Park, NJ-based singer/songwriter Julia Poorman has been singing and songwriting since she was a young girl living in New York’s Finger Lakes Region.

Julia’s writing embraces the subtle fusion of multiple genres, and over time, her style has been compared to such icons as Alanis MorrissetteColbie Cailet, and Martina McBride. To Julia, music is a very personal expression, an entire dimension filled with comradery, boundless expression, and healing.

After unexpectedly losing her father in 2021, music evolved from a cathartic outlet to a necessary therapy, and the melodies and lyrics just didn’t stop.

In recent years, she has had great success with TV placements. Her music can be heard regularly on CBS’s daytime soap opera, The Young and The Restless.

Julia feels the importance of creating music that puts people in their own flow state, a vibrational catalyst for self-exploration and healing. Her passion reclaimed, she hopes to continue to create music that connects with others and explores the complexities of life.

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