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Following her latest single “Hot Like Summer” released last month, indie pop artist Skyler Cocco is now delivering her most vulnerable song to date. Self-written/produced/mixed/mastered, “Anxious Attachment” explores the feelings of having intrusive thoughts that rattle the brains of those with anxious attachment. 

“I wrote Anxious Attachment as a way to distract me from overthinking when my partner was out of the country in the beginning of our relationship. I tend to have an anxious attachment when things are new romantically, as a product of past relationships that have made me feel less secure. It was cathartic for me to kind of “call myself out” and write it from the perspective of someone explaining to their partner how certain trivial things can make me go insane (not texting back, ruminating in the silence) but also acknowledging that it’s part of the human experience and most of those feelings are just amplified in my head. I wrote and produced the whole song in one sitting and even kept the demo vocals for the final ones because they felt so locked in to the emotions I’m trying to convey. This is the first song I’ve produced, mixed and mastered all on my own as well,” she explains.  

Skyler Cocco is hoping to make her listeners feel alive and free through her music – no matter how happy or sad you are, it’s okay to dance your emotions away. This new single is no exception. Blending soaring melodies with hook-filled lyrics, “Anxious Attachment” is one of these feel-good songs that will surely get you singing along.

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New York native, indie pop artist/songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist, Skyler Cocco started making music at 11 years old, producing in her basement on her dad’s digital 8-track. After getting a degree in song composition from SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory, writing and producing records for herself and for other artists has become a constant in her life.

In 2020, she won the Splice competition with her song “The Drive”, which included a guitar sample from MUNA’s Splice “World Saving Sample Pack.” Encouraged by Naomi McPherson, producer and guitarist of American band MUNA, she later released the song in September of 2020. Currently her most streamed single, “The Drive” is the song that dictated her current ethereal musical identity. 

As a songwriter, she shares stories about her personal experiences and personal struggles in relationships like anxious attachment style, breakups, open relationships – as well as her bisexuality/WLW (Women Loving Women) relationships.

Influenced by the likes of MUNA, Fleetwood Mac, HAIM, Holly Humberstone and the 1975, the multi-instrumentalist has been developing her artistry through memorable records and iconic music videos that have been viewed more than 290K times on Youtube. Showcasing her bisexuality in her visuals, the LA-based artist hopes to inspire the younger LGBTQIA+ generations to love and accept themselves for who they are. 

The indie pop artist already received massive acclaim from tastemakers like Splice, LADYGUNN, Wonderland, Uproxx, among many others. Her single “Tired of Us” appeared on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop, and her last single “Hot Like Summer” recently got featured on Spotify’s playlist Created by Women.

With more than 21K monthly listeners on Spotify, Skyler Cocco is continuing to pave her way into the indie pop music world by sharing her timeless pop melodies, emotional lyrics with productions inspired by the 80’s synth pop, alternative pop and indie rock. 

“Anxious Attachment” will be available on all major streaming platforms on November 15th. 

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