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SPELLES, the Los Angeles-based duo of Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent, has been making waves in the music industry. Following the success of their single “Holy Hells,” today they released another masterpiece, “Beginnings and Endings.” This new track offers an ethereal experience, starting with a soft piano arpeggio that gradually builds into a powerful finale, filled with synths and haunting vocals. The lyrics, penned by Baar, delve deep into introspection, reflecting on life’s experiences and the quest for a higher truth. The inspiration for the song began with a piano arpeggio, which Luc suggested tweaking, leading to the song’s swift completion.

Their upcoming debut album, Diving Into the Arms of the Divine, is eagerly anticipated and will be released on November 15th through Sierra Bonita Records. This album, produced over four years, showcases the duo’s evolution and their diverse musical influences. It’s a testament to their growth and dedication as artists. SPELLES first gained recognition in 2014 when their song “Bird in a Cage” featured on the TV show Pretty Little Liars. Since then, their music has graced numerous shows, and they’ve released multiple singles and EPs. Baar’s collaborations with other artists and SPELLES’ live performances further solidify their place in the industry.


Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Portishead, Radiohead, and Nina Simone, SPELLES has crafted a unique sound. Their blend of various musical styles, coupled with profound lyrics, has resulted in a compelling body of work that resonates with many.

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