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Nashville, TN – Sept. 20, 2023 — The latest offering from Stephanie Urbina Jones & The Honky Tonk MariachiManuel’s Destiny, goes far beyond the limits of the typical album: it’s a saga, a joyride, an impassioned reclamation of her cultural heritage, and—above all—a riveting tribute to the power of a dream to travel over 100 years and three generations. From her great-grandfather crossing the border, to an artist living and telling a transcendent story, and ultimately living Manuel’s Destiny. The album will be released  October 20. (2023 Global Eyes Entertainment, LP/ Casa Del Rio Records)

Over the course of 11 wildly dazzling songs, the Texas-bred, Nashville/Mexico-based singer/songwriter sets her storytelling to a one-of-a-kind sound she’s created and calls “Honky-Tonk Mariachi”—a gorgeously orchestrated fusion of her Mexican roots and San Antonio, TX Hill Country upbringing.

The album is centered in the stunning vocal prowess she’s shown in touring across the globe, sharing the stage with legends like Willie Nelson, and making history as the first artist ever to perform with mariachi at the Grand Ole Opry. The result is the most revelatory work yet by a truly visionary artist, one that leaves the listener newly emboldened to fearlessly follow their hearts and live a dreamer’s tale.

Photo Credit: Ben Chavez

Like a bird in the sky with his heart open wide

And the faith to fly

Like an unbridled horse on an uncharted course to a better life

With hope in his soul his Corazón made of gold

He believed he could do anything

That was the story they told when I left home at twenty years old

“Manuel’s Destiny”– Stephanie Urbina Jones

For Urbina Jones, the making of such an ambitious and all-encompassing album took decades of soul-searching and careful excavation of her family’s history. A period of Urbina Jones’ life carried a heavy burden of pain. “I was told to hide the fact that I was Mexican, which haunted me for a very long time,” she says. At age 18, Urbina Jones made her first trip to Mexico and immediately felt a profound sense of revelation. “I finally realized, ‘This is who I am.’  From that moment on, the direction of my life changed. I became passionate about telling a new story celebrating my roots.  My pain turned into my passion and purpose.”

As she unraveled her family’s history, Urbina Jones learned of her great-grandfather, Manuel Anaya Urbina. “Once I discovered his story, I became passionate about the idea of this dreamer crossing the border to follow his heart. I feel as if his dream has lived on through me, and now I want to share it as a source of inspiration for anyone seeking their own divine truth,” states Urbina Jones.

Produced by Urbina Jones and Preston Sullivan, and recorded live at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas—not far from where her great-grandfather crossed into El Paso, Manuel’s Destiny’s resplendent selection of heart-on-sleeve ballads, hip-swinging Texican Americana anthems, and pedal steel-laced country-rock songs, ultimately radiates an electrifying energy, adding even greater impact to the countless pieces of wisdom woven into her lyrics.

The first single and video, “Rhinestone Cowgirl,” is a triumphant update of Glen Campbell’s iconic “Rhinestone Cowboy” (with a blessing from songwriter Larry Weiss on the cover’s gender flip). The single is a duet with multi-talented vocalist Wendy Moten.  In addition to working with iconic artists such as Julio Iglesias, Moten is also a member of the Grammy-winning group, The Time Jumpers, and was a runner-up on The Voice

With the song, “Falling Fearlessly,” Manuel’s Destiny slips into a “Blue Bayou” romantic mood and spotlights the subtler nuances of Jones’ beguiling voice. Co-written with Peggy Lynn (daughter of Loretta Lynn), the lilting and luminous track finds backup vocals by music legend Vince Gill (appears courtesy of MCA Nashville) supporting Urbina Jones to capture the rarefied magic of surrendering to love. “It’s my homage to Linda Ronstadt, who’s one of the few Latinas I had to look up to in country rock music.”

The album also features a song with the Bellamy Brothers. A mash-up of “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” and “Let Your Love Flow,” these two hit songs reflect a coming of age during Urbina Jones’ early years. “I was lucky to grow up in Luckenbach and the honky tonks of Texas during the Outlaw movement. My favorite song to sing along to was “Let Your Love Flow,” comments Urbina Jones. “I had the honor of touring in Europe with the Bellamys, and was thrilled they agreed to re-record their song with my Honky Tonk Mariachi,” she adds. 

As Urbina Jones reflects on this album, “It’s amazing to me that over a hundred years later, Manuel’s great-granddaughter could come back to the same border with a seed of the dream he planted from so long ago,” she says. “It tells me that our dreams are by divine design. I hope that in sharing this album I’m able to bring a little joy, big magic, and some dancing to the world, as well as inspire someone to ask the big questions—to be brave, believe in themselves, and in their dreams. Within our hearts lies the map to our destiny.”

Photo Credit: Ben Chavez

Manuel’s Destiny:

1. “Gypsy Dreams”

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones / John Tirro

2. “The River Of Love”

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones / John Arthur Martinez / Yvonna Martinez

3. “Before You Go Away (Antes De Que Te Vayas)” – featuring Juan Diego Sandoval

“Antes De Que Te Vayas” Written by: Marco Antonio Solis

English translation by: Stephanie Urbina Jones / Mark Marchetti

4. “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” / “Let Your Love Flow”

– featuring The Bellamy Brothers

“Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)”

Written by: Bobby Emmons / Chips Moman

“Let Your Love Flow” Written by: Larry E. Williams 

5. “Manuel’s Destiny”

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones

6. “La Reyna” / “Cielito Lindo”

“La Reyna” Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones

“Cielito Lindo”  Written by: Quirino Mendoza y Cortés

7. “Falling Fearlessly” 

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones / Peggy Lynn

Backup vocals by Vince Gill (appears courtesy of MCA Nashville)
8. “Bésame Baby” 

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones / Mark Marchetti

9. “Rhinestone Cowgirl” with Wendy Moten

Written by: Larry Weiss

10. “Mariachis Make Me Cry”

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones

11. “Until We Meet Again” 

Written by: Stephanie Urbina Jones 

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