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Austin, Texas – December 6, 2023 – The South by Southwest® Music Festival (SXSW®) has announced the second round of Showcasing Artists invited to perform at the 38th annual event. The festival features compelling musical experiences showcasing rising talents and renowned artists from around the world performing in front of industry professionals, influencers, press and an abundance of engaged, open-minded fans. The first event on every music industry professional’s calendar, the SXSW Music Festival takes place March 11-16, 2024 in Austin’s iconic and offbeat venues.

SXSW Music Festival programmers present the best new artists and established acts from around the world offering a unique opportunity for national and international exposure. Artists in this announcement hail from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Wales. Second round highlights include Glasser (New York NY), GRÓA (Reykjavik ICELAND), Gruff Rhys (Cardiff UK-WALES), Ho99o9 (Newark NJ), Holly Macve (Brighton UK-ENGLAND), Kikuo (Tokyo JAPAN), LAIR (Jatiwangi INDONESIA), Pink Pablo (San Juan PUERTO RICO), PVA (London UK-ENGLAND), Pylon Reenactment Society (Athens GA), Ralphie Choo (Madrid SPAIN),  RUBIO (Mexico City MEXICO), Sinkane (Brooklyn NY), Sofia Kourtesis (Berlin GERMANY), Sycco (Brisbane AUSTRALIA), Tamera (London UK-ENGLAND), TENGGER (Seoul SOUTH KOREA), and 250 (Seoul SOUTH KOREA).

This is the second of several announcements of genre-defying showcases spanning six nights. Showcases are curated by SXSW programmers in collaboration with record labels, booking agencies, export offices, management and PR firms, publishers, media outlets, lifestyle brands and festivals. These showcases give attendees the opportunity to experience today’s and tomorrow’s headliners in small-stage performances. Showcase presenters include: Adult Decisions, All The Vibes, ATC Live, Atomic Music Group, Bayonet Records, Breakout West, CareFreeBlackGirl, Chicken Ranch Records, City Slang, Dear Life Records, Dedstrange, Don Giovanni Records, Everything R&B, Father/Daughter Records, Fierce Panda, FOCUS Wales, Island Wave, Italians Do It Better, Gorilla vs. Bear, High Road Touring, Jazz Re: Freshed, The Line of Best Fit, The Loyalty Firm, M for Montreal, Mint Talent Group, Music from Ireland, New West Records, Now Wave, Pop Montreal, Reeperbahn Festival, The Smoke Out, Space Agency, The Spanish Wave, Synásthesie Festival, Taiwan Beats, Tokyo Calling, Traffic Music and Wide Days Scotland.

The second round of artists invited to perform include:

250 (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Afternoon Bike Ride (Montreal CANADA)
Akira Galaxy (Los Angeles CA)
Ako(a子) (Himeji City JAPAN)
Alexander Biggs (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Alex Nicol (Montreal CANADA)
Amis du Teche (Breaux Bridge LA)
Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step (Austin TX)
Anna Smyrk (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Anna Vaverková (Prague CZECHIA)
Another Sky (London UK-ENGLAND)
Arches (Hong Kong HONG KONG)
Askew (London UK-ENGLAND)
Axel Flóvent (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Äyanna (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Ayoub Sisters (London UK-ENGLAND)
Bad Bad Hats (Minneapolis MN)
The Beatbox Collective (London UK-ENGLAND)
beccs (Warehan MA)
Bee Bee Sea (Castel Goffredo ITALY)
Being Dead (Austin TX)
Benjamin Walker (Chile MEXICO)
Bess Atwell (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Bleach Lab (London UK-ENGLAND)
Bloomsday (Brooklyn NY)
Blue Lake (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Boy With Apple (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Buffalo Nichols (Milwaukee WI)
Caleb Landry Jones (Garland TX)
Camidoh (Accra GHANA)
Carla Geneve (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Certainly So (Nashville TN)
Cha’keeta B (Austin TX)
Chalk (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Chartreuse (The Black Country UK-ENGLAND)
Chelsea Carmichael (London UK-ENGLAND)
Chiaki Mayumura (Setagya JAPAN)
Chief Cleopatra (Austin TX)
China Bears (Bridgwater UK-ENGLAND)
Chxrry22 (Toronto CANADA)
Conchur White (Portadown UK-N. IRELAND)
Danny Bonilla (Dallas TX)
Dasom Baek (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Daydream Twins (Austin TX)
Dead Tooth (Brooklyn NY)
Delights (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Dirt Buyer (Brooklyn NY)
Discovery Zone (New York NY)
Divorce (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Dobrawa Czocher (Warsaw POLAND)
Do Nothing (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Dream Nails (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dumb Buoys Fishing Club (London UK-ENGLAND)
dust (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
Earth Tongue (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
Eleni Drake (London UK-ENGLAND)
Elisapie (Salluit CANADA)
Elle Shimada (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Ellie Bleach (London UK-ENGLAND)
Emily Barker (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Emily Frembgen (Brooklyn NY)
Emma Aibara (Yokohama JAPAN)
Enola Gay (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Etta Bond (London UK-ENGLAND)
fantasy of a broken heart (Brooklyn NY)
Fat Dog (London UK-ENGLAND)
FAZI 法兹 (Xi’an CHINA)
Field Guide (Winnipeg CANADA)
Folk Bitch Trio (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Forest Claudette (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Friedberg (Berlin GERMANY)
Fust (Durham NC)
Gavin James (Dublin IRELAND)
Glasser (New York NY)
Glixen (Phoenix AZ)
Good Looks (Austin TX)
Grandbrothers (Berlin GERMANY)
GRÓA (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Gruff Rhys (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Gurriers (Dublin IRELAND)
Harvest Thieves (Austin TX)
Hause Plants (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
The HawtThorns (Nashville TN)
HighSchool (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Hinako Omori (London UK-ENGLAND)
HMS Morris (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Ho99o9 (Newark NJ)
Holly Macve (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Hooks & The Huckleberries (Albuquerque NM)
Hour (Philadelphia PA)
The Howdies (Athens GA)
Humour (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
IFE (New Orleans LA)
Iona Zajac (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Iris Jean (Alkmaar NETHERLANDS)
Izo FitzRoy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jack Barksdale (Fort Worth TX)
Jack Harris (Cleveland OH)
Jad Fair and the Placebos (Manor TX)
Jaimee Harris (Nashville TN)
JÁNA (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Jazz re:freshed DJs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jeannel (Berlin GERMANY)
Jeshi (London UK-ENGLAND)
JFDR (Reykjavík ICELAND)
JM Stevens (Austin TX)
Jon Muq (Austin TX)
Jon Vinyl (Toronto CANADA)
Juani Mustard (Viña Del Mar CHILE)
Justin Webb (Nashville TN)

Kali Claire (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ken Yates (London CANADA)
Kikuo (Tokyo JAPAN)
Kroi (Tokyo JAPAN)
Laney Tripp (New Smyrna Beach CA)
Larry Seaman (Austin TX)
Laura-Mary Carter (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Laura Misch (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lauren Housley & The Northern Cowboys (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Lauren Lakis (Austin TX)
L E M F R E C K (Newport UK-WALES)
Library Card (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS)
Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers (Austin TX)
Lisa Morales (Austin TX)
Logan Crosby (Milledgeville GA)
Logan Halstead (Powell County KY)
Los Cogelones (Mexico MEXICO)
Lottery Winners (Leigh UK-ENGLAND)
Madam Radar (Austin TX)
Malugi (Berlin GERMANY)
Mama Terra (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
The Manatees (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)
maxime. (Montreal CANADA)
May Rio (Brooklyn NY)
Meagre Martin (Berlin GERMANY)
Mia June (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Mick Flannery (Cork IRELAND)
Minas (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Miranda and the Beat (Brooklyn NY)
Miranda del Sol (New York NY)
MØAA (Seattle WA)
Moody Bank$ (Austin TX)
Nagasaki Swim (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS)
Natalie Jane Hill (Asheville NC)
Native Harrow (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
néomí (Den Haag NETHERLANDS)
NeOne Wonderer (Wolverhampton UK-ENGLAND)
Neon Waltz (John O’groats UK-SCOTLAND)
Night Lunch (Montreal CANADA)
O. (London UK-ENGLAND)
Omni (Atlanta GA)
Pelvis Wrestley (Austin TX)
Perennial (Amherst MA)
Pink Pablo (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Planet Giza (Montreal CANADA)
Plastic Palms (Turin ITALY)
poolblood (Toronto CANADA)
Population II (Montreal CANADA)
Presence (Camarillo CA)
The Psychotic Monks (Saint-Ouen FRANCE)
Pylon Reenactment Society (Athens GA)
Rainbow Girls (Bodega CA)
Ralphie Choo (Madrid SPAIN)
The Rare Occasions (Los Angeles CA)
Redbud (Austin TX)
Robby Hecht (Nashville TN)
Rodeo Boys (Lansing MI)
Rory James (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
RUBIO (Mexico City MEXICO)
Sam Williams (Paris TN)
San Gabriel (Austin TX)
San Saba County (Austin TX)
Seafoam Walls (Miami FL)
Selfish Sons (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
She’s In Parties (Colchester UK-ENGLAND)
Sinkane (Brooklyn NY)
Skateland (Austin TX)
SNACKTIME (Philadelphia PA)
Soda Blonde (Dublin IRELAND)
Sofia Kourtesis (Berlin GERMANY)
Sofi Paez (Berlin GERMANY)
Softee (Moorhead MN)
South Summit (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Stuck in the Sound (Paris FRANCE)
Styrofoam Winos (Nashville TN)
Sui Zhen (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Sully Band (San Diego CA)
Sultan Stevenson (London UK-ENGLAND)
Swallow the Rat (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Sycco (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Talia Goddess (Brooklyn NY)
Tamera (London UK-ENGLAND)
Teenage Sequence (Fort-Worth TX)
Telehealth (Seattle WA)
t e s t p r e s s (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Texas String Assembly (Austin TX)
TFD (Total Fucking Darkness)
(Vancouver CANADA)
This Is Lorelei (New York NY)
THUS LOVE (Brattleboro VT)
The Tiarras (Austin TX)
Tokyo Syoki Syodo (Shimokitazawa JAPAN)
Tufan Derince (Diyarbakir TURKEY)
twst (Barry UK-WALES)
Venus Twins (Brooklyn NY)
Vera Sola (Los Angeles CA)
The Vices (Groningen NETHERLANDS)
The View (Dundee UK-SCOTLAND)
Vulva Voce (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Water Damage (Austin TX)
William The Conqueror (Newquay UK-ENGLAND)
Wyldest (London UK-ENGLAND)
Yb. (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
YHWH Nailgun (New York NY)
Yo Diablo (Valencia SPAIN)
Yogetsu Akasaka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Zheani (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Zoon (Winnipeg CANADA)
zouz (Montréal CANADA)

(This list is subject to change. More performers will be announced at later dates.)

Listen to the artists who will be performing at SXSW 2024 by subscribing to the official SXSW Spotify and YouTube Music Video playlists.

Navigating within the music business and meeting the people who know how to advance careers is the focus of the Conference. All SXSW Music registrants receive primary access to music-focused Conference programming with emphasis on Music & Tech and Music Careers, Music Mentor Sessions & Workshops, Keynotes and Featured Speakers, Music Festival showcases, the Comedy Festival, exhibitions, networking Meet Ups, the Flatstock Poster Show, Registrant Lounge, Festival Shuttles, and Closing BBQ & Softball tournament. Secondary access is available for most Interactive and Film events.

The online SXSW Schedule provides a complete rundown of 2024 programming, broken down by time and event category, with the ability to build a customized schedule. Please visit

SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of tech, film and television, music, education, and culture. An essential destination for global professionals, the annual March event features sessions, music, and comedy showcases, film and television screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. SXSW 2024 will take place March 8-16 in Austin. Learn more at To register for the event, please visit

SXSW 2024 is sponsored by Porsche, C4 Energy, Venmo, and The Austin Chronicle.

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