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Released in May of this year, Love Letters: Samantha Fish Live from New Orleans is a captivating documentary that delves deep into the life and musical odyssey of Samantha Fish, a name that has become synonymous with contemporary blues. Since her debut in 2009, Fish has been a force of nature in the blues world, releasing seven solo albums that spotlight her original compositions and exceptional blues guitar skills. Her relentless touring within the U.S. and internationally has only added to her growing reputation. The documentary, filmed in the summer of 2021, captures the essence of her journey, especially as she was working on her seventh album, aptly titled Faster, which was released in September of 2021.

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Narrated by NPR’s Gwen Thompkins, the film offers viewers a chance to travel back to Fish’s roots in Kansas City, Missouri, a city with a rich history in jazz and blues. Her passion for music was nurtured here, attending open mic nights and blues jams, and where she honed her craft. The documentary reveals her initial foray into music as a drummer at 13, surrounded by a family of guitarists. Over time, her love for the guitar grew, becoming the medium through which she found her voice and personality. Fish’s journey is about her music and her evolution as an artist, from a shy kid to a confident performer, always seeking that perfect note, that crescendo in her performance. The documentary is a testament to her dedication, talent, and the indomitable spirit of blues.

VIEW PHOTOS: Samantha Fish at the Neptune Theater on September 25, 2019

Executive Produced by: Carl Van / Carl Van Productions
Directed, Produced, Written & Edited by: Marian & Jonathan Evans / Very Productive Pictures
Narration by: Gwen Thompkins
Cinematography: Dave Landry
Sound Engineer: Matthew Cloutier
Camera: Steven Patriquin, Danny Marin
Make-up: Ingrid Butler

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